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Taxi Tsarevo

Airport Burgas - Tsarevo 60 €

Our company "Burgas Taxi Transfer" offers you a taxi transfer services to and from Tsarevo in all areas of Bulgaria, as well as to Greece, Turkey and Romania.

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Taxi BurgasTaxi BurgasOur professional drivers will meet you at the pick up point in Tsarevo and take you to the airport quickly and safely.


There is no extra charge for flight delays, airport charges and other expenses. Prices listed on the site are final, no hidden fees and no extra charge!

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taxi Tsarevo - Burgas 60 € 70 € ask
taxi Tsarevo - Sunny Beach 90 € 105 € ask
taxi Tsarevo - St.Vlas 95 € 110 € ask
taxi Tsarevo - Elenite 100 € 115 € ask
taxi Tsarevo - Varna 130 € 150 € ask
taxi Tsarevo - Sofia 275 € 300 € ask
taxi Tsarevo -Istanbul 280 € 310 € ask


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Tsarevo (BulgarianЦарево, also transliteratedCarevo or Tzarevo; formerly known as Michurin,BulgarianМичурин and VasilikoGreekΒασιλικόν) is a town and seaside resort in southeasternBulgaria, an administrative centre of the homonymous Municipality of Tsarevo in Burgas Province. It lies on a cove 70 km southeast of Burgas, on the southern Bulgarian Black Sea Coast at the eastern foot of Strandzha mountain. As of December 2009, the town has a population of 5,884 inhabitants.

Underwater archaeological surveys have discovered amphoras from the Late Antiquity (4th–6th century) and import red-polished pottery made in ConstantinopleSyria and North Africa, which indicates prospering trade in the area at the time. The city's southern peninsula has remains of a medieval fortress.

The town was first mentioned as Vasiliko by the 12th-century Arab geographer Muhammad al-Idrisi. Whether it existed during the First Bulgarian Empire is unknown. In the 15th and 16th century,Vasilikoz was an Ottoman port. According to 17th-century traveller Evliya Çelebi, in 1662 the town Vasilikoz Burgas comprised a square fortress on a ridge overlooking the Black Sea surrounded by plenty of vineyards. Although its cove was suitable even for the largest of ships, it was usually avoided by the seamen because it offered little protection from the powerful eastern winds.

Vasilikoz was featured in the Ottoman tax registers in the late 17th and the 18th century, as part of the kaza of Anchialos (Pomorie). According to theAustrian ambassador in Constantinople, in 1787 it was a town of 200 houses and a lively port. In 1829, another western traveller mentioned Vasiliko as a town of 220 houses, the main occupation of its residents being ship building and fishing. Another source lists its population in 1831 as 1,800 (with 434 houses).

The old town was located in the southern part of the cove, where the modern quarter of Tsarevo called Vasiliko is. In the first half of the 19th century, Vasiliko had a marine of 42 ships. There were 10 windmills and a watermill in the vicinity, and the nearby vineyards produced up to 6,000 pails of wine a year. There was a Greek school which was also visited by many Bulgarians, contributing to their partial Hellenization.

In 1882, a fire destroyed almost the entire town, forcing the locals to re-establish the city on a new site, on the peninsula of the northern cove called Limnos. In 1903, the new Vasiliko had 150 houses, but other statistics list 460 houses in 1898 (160 Bulgarian and 300 Greek) and 240 Greek-only houses in 1900.


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